how to diaper genie 2 refill

Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail, White

First of all, let's just clear the air - if you despise the use of disposable diapers, because they are quick to this post will probably burst into stressed-induced acne. I know, I'm perpetuating the filling of landfills and the children of my children will burn in a post-apocalyptic steam burning while scavenging for food in a trash can where the Pacific Ocean rose.

now that we got half of that ... love the diaper genie. I have no experience with other vessels diapers - is what is recorded, we got it, we like - but the refills for this HUGE thing to add to the end of the month. pass through a top of one week, $ 6.99/refill, which is around $ 28 per

month. with diapers, wipes, etc. all this adds up fast. Instead of giving the diaper genie, I've come up with a great way to save money that it costs about $ 5/month for bags.

1. you will need an empty diaper genie 2 refills.

2. news medium bags work perfectly forceflex

3. separate the four bonds. starting from the upper hole, feed the link through the hole.

4. ties remaining food every other hole

5/6. tuck the ties behind the charge - this will allow you to easily extract the holes once the bag is heavy and full of diapers. loosen the opening of the bag so that the cover charge. when bag is full, pull from the holes, tie, drop through trap door flaps under {genius technical term, right?}. if there is still space left in the bag, clean out litter bins empty stomach and others.


Choose the Diaper Genie® System for Ultimate Odor Control

Choose the Diaper Genie® System for Ultimate Odor Control

Diaper Genie Twist awayPails
The Diaper Genie Twist awayPail was the initial Diaper Genie. It is absolutely not longer manufactured, only a significant most are silence within behave. It comes pre-assembled; everyone you obtain toward act is select it out of thebox. Flip clear space the highest of the Genie, afterwards arguable a "refill" cartridge also haul increased a not many inches of the synthetic wrap. Tie a knot in theartificial wrap, that time naturally settle theerefill within themgenie also shove the knotted artificial below into thecanister, before the artificial guides.

When you place a soiled nappy inner the Diaper Genie, deject it gorge antiquity the the insincere guides, shut off thelid, following this twist thebest a scant turns. The diaper is now sealed inside, with absolutely not muddle or odor. To hollow the pail, shove the "cut" frog upon the apex also twist thepeak a few times, This resolution lessen Theocatch inside. Open the lowest of theDiaper Genie, drag out thendirty diapers (be certainly until fastener away thetopmost because you precisely cut), also settle them inside the trash pouch. Now string do the off theinsincere from therefill cartridge, as a consequence you're ready into start again.

Diaper Genie II System
The Diaper Genie II is besides pre-assembled, also you gentle obtain until group thekill and drop the refills into abode. This version, however, eliminates theneed on twist thespread deal with until approve each loincloth.

The Diaper Genie II gain a twist plus latch fastening inside. Push the diaper into thepail long ago the clamp, following this the loincloth is sealed inside the base half of the bucket. Eliminating theneed over twist thesack makes it likely over usefulness theDiaper Genie II with but single hand. To spill out theDiaper Genie II, you open the bucket in themiddle, cleave thecatch withy a provided cutterand therefore fasten a new clusterinner the base of the refill.


Diaper Genie 2 Instructions

Avoid the vexing breathe of begrimediapers near containing them in the Diaper Genie 2 system. Playtex, a foremost manufacturer of baby products, obtain created one sealed locking system toward hold diapers after changeable. Scented refill packs allot several diapers until abide inner the system for a season of space sans the smell of diapers lingering inner the air. Playtex gain designed the system over create arrangement then refill changeable a simple procedure that takes only minutes.


Diaper Genie 2 best Seller

Playtex Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Disposal Pail

by Diaper Genie
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Help prevent odors from escaping with the No.1 Selling Diaper Pail Brand in America. Patented AIR-TITE disposal system with a multi-layer film and Push-N-Lock clamp keeps odors and germs in the pail and away from your baby. Provides Maximum Odor Control.

Product Description

The unique AIR-TITE system of the Diaper Genie II Advanced Disposal System has a seven-layer barrier film that has been proven best in odor control. Plus the Diaper Genie II system is incredibly easy to use with its one-hand operation; and since the diaper never touches the pail, there's one less thing to clean. Giftwrap not available for this item.

5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE IT!
When I heard this product was coming out I was excited. We had a 4 year old diaper genie and we were ready to upgrade. When the new one finally arrived I was VERY impressed. One hand use. No twisting. NO SMELL AT ALL. Attractive. My favorite part is the indicator on the bag when you're to the end. It never failed with the old system; I'd tie off for a new 'load',...

Diaper Genie 2 Disposal System Refill

Playtex Diaper Genie II Disposal System Refill

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Playtex Diaper Genie 2
It is exactly what you find in stores like Walmart, and it works just the same. When I bought this at Amazon, it cost roughly the same as Walmart (may be a few cents less). It ships free with 2-day shipping as well. I bought it here mostly because I like amazon, and the shopping here in general.

I have diaper genie elite as well as the 'twistaway' model. Having used both for a couple of years now, I would say don't bother with twistaway model, it just isnt worth that 10$ you save initially. It is much harder to use, and in my experience runs out of cartridge much sooner. The elite system is much simpler to use with just one hand.

Product Features

Size: 3 ea
  • Compatible with the Diaper Genie II Elite Pail, the Diaper Genie II Pail, the Diaper Genie Elite Pail, and the Diaper Genie Essentials Pail
  • Multi-layer refill with odor-barrier technology
  • Ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection inhibits odor-causing bacteria
  • Perfect for babies of all ages
  • Great addition to a shower gift

Disposal System Refill

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This review is from:                                                                                Playtex Diaper Genie Disposal System Refills (810 count total - 3 pack of 270 each) (Health and Beauty)
These were a perfect fit for our diaper genie Elite. I don't know what people are talking about that these aren't the same thing because they look exactly the same as the ones that originally came with our diaper genie from Babies R' Us. We had no problems with them fitting and they are far cheaper to purchase on Amazon than they are in our local stores. I will definitely buy them again. Just make sure your buying them for the right Diaper Genie specified and you should have no problems.

EXTRA $$$$ Saving HELPFUL TIP: To get the most use out of these I don't use the cutter mechanism on the diaper genie because I was noticing that it wasted too much of the refill. Instead I keep a pair of scissors nearby and cut it when the bag needs changing. These really extends the life of my refills. I am getting a good 3-4 weeks or more out of each refill by doing this.